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FAMN Collar - Crochet Pattern

FAMN Collar - Crochet Pattern

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The ‘FAMN’ (flowers around my neck) Collar was born one night when I was trying
to come up with a design that incorporated old/known stitches with new/less-used
stitches into a granny square!

It’s a unique, delicate, almost-decorative piece, worked using granny squares/triangles.
Its design features a flower in the center of each square, formed from bullion stitches.
The squares are then attached to a set of triangles to create the collar. The scalloped
edge is finally added around the collar to add dimension and a touch of pizzazz!

Choosing the right yarn:

The original piece was created using the Mohair Delight yarn by Hobbii. It’s a worsted
weight mohair/acrylic blend yarn that has a fuzzy texture and look to it. You can however, achieve/imitate it by holding a strand of wosrted weight [4] yarn (preferably acrylic or wool) together with a strand of lace weight [0] mohair. Some other recommendations that I believe would look good for this piece are worsted weight [4] cotton yarn, alpaca yarn, or any acrylic blend yarn. Take into consideration that each yarn type would affect your finished piece look (e.g. cotton yarn will give you a more structured and heavier result, whereas alpaca yarn will result in a light and flowy piece.)

- You will estimatingly need 150 m/165 yrd of yarn to complete this piece.
- The hook suggested for creating this piece would be a 5.0 mm [H] hook.
- The collar comes in only one size due to the nature of the design.

Skill Level:
- advanced beginner+ (basic knowledge of crochet is required to attempt this piece)

Stitches/Techniques Used:
(the pattern is written in US terminology and in-depth tutorials are available in the pattern for better understanding of each technique)
- magic circle
- chains
- single crochet
- double crochet
- bullion stitch

After you purchase the pattern, you will receive an email with the download link. Due to the nature of digital items, once you place an order, it does not qualify for a refund or exchange.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this pattern is intended solely for personal use. Kindly refrain from copying, sharing, or creating tutorials based on it. Crafting this pattern involved a considerable amount of time and effort. Therefore, if you choose to share/sell your finished piece, I would greatly appreciate proper credit being given to me as the designer.

If you have any questions/thoughts/concerns you can reach me through Etsy messages and/or instagram @limooks. If you wish to contact me through email, forward your messages at ! :)

I always love to see the pieces you create! tag #limooks #famncollar on ig and mention @limooks

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